The Indian homeowner has a come a long way. Homeowners over the years have become more discerning and are no longer satisfied with basic simple window dressings.

The home furnishing industry is greatly influenced by traditional motifs and design, though there are some western element attached to it in terms of styling (use of lace, minimalism etc). Such designs greatly appeal to modern customers who are increasingly adopting a modern lifestyle, but are still attached to their traditional buying temperament.

At Wedcovers we feel that there is a vacuum in designer and coordinated furnishing. So what do we do? We provide different material and with a little Mix & Match , you can create a Designer room for yourselves.


"We started to be a delaer of Wedcovers on the hopes your services and products would be creative, flexible and faster. The services have been spot on and suffice it to say, you have not disappointed in going the extra mile to service our account, from salesman to technical support. Thanks for the innumerable option available at your store".
- Ms. Aarti Mittal, Nagpur